Rolando Rodriguez

Senior MAC & Scholarships Coordinator

Rolando Rodriguez, Senior MAC & Scholarship Coordinator, joined Waco Foundation full-time in 2017 after previously working for the Foundation for two years as a MAC intern. Rolando graduated cum laude from Baylor University in fall 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing & Rhetoric.

Rolando’s role with the Foundation is to help McLennan County high school seniors with the financial aid process for college. His previous experience through Baylor, working with other nonprofits and transitioning from intern to full-time staff has allowed him to effectively assist the Director of the MAC Program in providing students and parents with the assistance they need.

One of Rolando’s biggest passions is promoting the importance and value of higher education to students in the Waco community in order to increase the quality of life in McLennan County. Since he was raised in Waco, Rolando is familiar with the community, the students’ needs and the potential for our future professionals in the Waco area. Over the past 20 years, Waco has offered Rolando many opportunities to grow academically and professionally, and now he looks forward to his chance to give back to the community through the nonprofit sector advocating for education.