Privacy Policy and Procedures
Adopted by Board of Trustees on March 27, 2019

The nature of Waco Foundation’s role as a funder, convener, facilitator, philanthropic advisor, nonprofit capacity provider and community leader periodically results in the acquisition of information that is or may be confidential. Since this information is acquired as a result of having built a reputation for stewardship and trust, it is important that we safeguard that information. The Foundation places a high priority on protecting people’s privacy. This policy was created to communicate the Foundation’s firm commitment to the privacy of our MAC College Money Program contacts, affiliates, donors, nonprofits, clients and individual users. 

Data Submissions
Information You Provide
Individuals who sign up to receive newsletters or other forms of electronic updates (e.g., Waco Foundation, McLennanNonprofits, Waco Pie Society or MAC College Money Program Information) voluntarily provide us with contact information. We may use this information to send information related to the activities of the Foundation.  Individuals may always “opt out” should they desire not to receive such messages.

Individuals and families who have submitted requests for support via our MAC College Money Program or established Donor Advised or Field of Interest Funds may voluntarily provide us with personally identifiable and/or demographic information. This information is securely stored on our server or within our cloud based database and except as outlined in the paragraphs below, is not given, sold, bartered or rented to any individual or organization outside of the Foundation. 

We use independent contractors and third-party agents, affiliates, platforms and partners to perform functions and provide services such as marketing, analytics, e-commerce, customer record retention, event management, online application management, etc. on our behalf. These entities have access to the personal information needed to perform their functions and are contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality and security of any personal information we collect. They are restricted from using, selling, distributing or altering this data in any way other than to provide the requested services to the Foundation. 

The Foundation does not sell or rent contact information to anyone outside the organization.  The only time we may share an email address outside the Foundation is if an individual has given us explicit permission to share contact information with those seeking to advance a 
specific project, initiative or effort we are working on (e.g., workshop attendees may sometimes request contact information for their cohorts). 

The Foundation will sometimes share publicly some of the data we collect (e.g., the individual’s name, job title, organization affiliation, personal biography, professional photograph, etc.). 

Nonprofit and Donor Advised Fund Holders
Nonprofit and Donor Advised Fund holders may establish a fundholder login with Waco Foundation. The fundholder must provide a password to be able to log into the fundholder portal. Only the fundholder has the ability to edit fundholder passwords. 

When a donor makes a gift to a managed fund or completes an event registration through Waco Foundation’s website or any affiliate website, the Foundation may collect payment information from the individual or donor at the time. If that person elects to pay with a credit card, that information is never stored on our server. Foundation staff will never have access to credit card data.

Credit Card Information Shared by Donors:  
Waco Foundation currently contracts with Stripe to provide credit card processing services to enable donors to make donations online. In connection with the processing of such donations, we do not retain credit card numbers. Rather, credit card numbers and necessary billing information are provided to Stripe, whose use of personal information is governed by their privacy policy, which may be viewed at 

Nonprofit Grant Applicants
Nonprofit and/or public organizations submitting requests for funding may use our online portal for that process. Information provided via the grant application process may be stored electronically via software platform(s), on our server or as hard copy documents. The Foundation does not sell or share that information with external parties.

MAC College Money Program
Waco Foundation’s MAC College Money Program collects personally identifiable information from students in McLennan County for the need-based grant and scholarship application process to determine their eligibility. Data and student information is stored securely on the Foundation’s servers and is only used for the internal selection process, grant and scholarship disbursement to educational institutions, college enrollment tracking and regular email and text communications. The Program does not sell or rent student information, including personally identifiable or contact information, to anyone or any entity outside of the Program or Foundation. 

As part of the application process, applicants provide permission to the Program to access their records for tracking their college enrollment and degree attainment. The Program currently contracts with the National Student Clearinghouse to track the enrollment data. All data uploaded to and received from the Clearinghouse is used exclusively for internal and community reporting; however, data reported externally does not include any personally identifiable information from the student. National Student Clearinghouse’s privacy policy may be viewed at

Use of Our Websites and Links
While on our website, we may place cookies (small pieces of information in the browser of a computer’s hard drive) or use tools like Google Analytics that help us ascertain information like the number and frequency of visits and most utilized sections of our website to help maximize its effectiveness as a communications tool. 

The Foundation may also include links to external websites in its materials. Anyone browsing or interacting on any of these websites is subject to the rules and policies of the visited site. We encourage individuals to review the security and privacy practices of all sites they visit, to ensure the safety of their interactions with them.

Individuals or organizations may contact the Foundation via to inquire about the specific vendors the Foundation uses in the course of conducting business or if they have questions about this privacy statement. 

Changes to Privacy Policy
The Foundation may amend this privacy policy from time to time.  We maintain the option of notifying individuals of such changes via electronic notice on our website. The Foundation will consider any individuals’ continued engagement after the date of this notice (and amendments to this notice) as acceptance of these terms.